Dear Author:

Thank you for considering submission of your work to the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  JARE is considered among the highest quality journals for publishing research in agricultural and natural resource economics.

The mission of the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics is to publish creative and scholarly economic studies in agriculture, natural resources, and related areas. Manuscripts dealing with the economics of food and agriculture, natural resources and the environment, human resources, and rural development issues are especially encouraged.  High quality articles addressing agricultural, resource, and development topics from around the world are welcome.  The Journal provides a forum for topics of interest to those performing economic research as well as to those involved with economic policy and education.

All files must be submitted in PDF format for the review process.  If your paper is accepted you will submit your documents in native file formats.  When submitting, you will upload a PDF of your manuscript first (making sure that author names not included on the manuscript).  You will then be given an option to upload additional PDFs such as a title page and cover letter.

JARE has page charges of $79-$89 per printed page.  These allow for JARE to be an open access journal.  Forthcoming and published articles are freely available on our main journal web page.

JARE does NOT consider for publication case studies or research papers reporting the results of surveys or field trials unless such studies are essential for subsequent economic analysis addressing agricultural, resource, and development topics. JARE does not normally publish review articles that summarize the literature or other articles that do not contain original economic research.

Editorial review of manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics is partly based upon the following considerations:

  • Does the manuscript fit the mission of the Journal?
  • Have the authors identified a relevant and important issue of interest to readers of the Journal?
  • Have the authors clearly linked their research to the existing literature, and made a contribution to this body of knowledge?
  • Have the authors employed appropriate methodology to address their research questions?
  • Are the authors' conclusions consistent with their analysis?
  • Is the quality of the presentation excellent, including grammar, spelling, references, tables and figures?

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